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Who am I?

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Hey, I’m Pratik Parvati (obviously) and I am thrilled that you stopped by my corner of blogland. I’m a Dharwad (Karnataka, India) native making a home in Bangalore (India). I am a nerd, a full time Engineer and a part time blogger. I like programming in C, C++ and sometimes in python.

My typical hobbies are Mentoring - uplifting the career growth of team members, Reading - likes learning new things, open minded and analytical, Blogging - great way to connect with like-minded people.

What is my history?

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I have four years of experience working in Embedded and SystemC modeling domain. I am graduated as a bachelor of engineer in electronics and communication with the ambition of subscribing myself into the semiconductor industry.

The reason for this blog

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I ingest a lot of content from podcast, YouTube, Google and I follow content creators who encourage me to share my experience. It’s my time to give back; Why not blog about what I find interesting and share knowledge. This also serves as a reference point to me to come back instead of having to go through a load of Firefox tabs.